Economy of Denmark

The economy of Denmark is currently in the 39th position among the largest national economies taking into account its Gross Domestic Product in the measuring method. By using The Purchasing Power Parity, Denmark is today the 60th country with the largest national economy. Its economy is mixed, focused both in services as well as in manufacturing. It relies on human resources but also in mature oil and gas.

Denmark is one of the countries with less inequality of income levels more social mobility, more opportunities for women, lower budget deficits and of course, a happier population. In recent declarations the Minister for Trade of Denmark, Nick Haekkerup, said that the economy of Denmark thrives thanks to generous social services, high taxes, and an efficient work of the public sector.

One of the reasons the economy is stable is because the Danish government encourage employers to hire workers and at the same time, young employees receive plenty of training from the government to improve their skills. Besides the health care system relies also borne by the government. He also stated than comparing his country with America, the Danish government can be more present and offer more services to its citizens because it does not have to spend much in military defense.